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High Voltage – Signs Of The Apocalypse


High Voltage – Signs Of The Apocalypse

  • Erschienen am:25. Jul. 2017
  • Label: Nightbreed Nocturnal
  • Labelcode: NBN10

High Voltage – Signs Of The Apocalypse bei

With more than a decade of studio experience, High Voltage’s name is engraved within the minds of the most dedicated raw hardstyle fanatics. Bundling all his electric studio action, the time was finally right to put a lasting symbolic mark on the industry. Behold the first High Voltage artist album, “Signs Of The Apocalypse”. With devastating pieces of smashing audio ordnance, “Signs Of the Apocalypse” is a collection of floorfillers that is a must-hear for every admirer of the darker and rougher side of hardstyle. Heed High Voltage’s warning, and witness the apocalypse!

  1. High Voltage – Weapons

  2. High Voltage & Bass Chaserz – Harness The Dark

  3. High Voltage – Enemies

  4. High Voltage – Run

  5. High Voltage – We Are Dust

  6. High Voltage & Endymion – Serpent

  7. High Voltage & D-Sturb – Nasty Bitch

  8. High Voltage – Death Of You

  9. High Voltage & Titan – Death Is Coming (Degos & Re-Done Remix)

  10. High Voltage – Be Heard

  11. High Voltage – The Apocalypse

  12. High Voltage – Tic Toc

  13. High Voltage & Radical Redemption – The Saviour

  14. High Voltage – Instrument Of Destruction

  15. High Voltage – Extermination

  16. High Voltage – Crispy Tempura